A look back at some games where the WorSharks may have cost themselves some points

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Every team can look back at some games during their season as say “if only…” in regards to contests they should have won or points they could have gotten for getting games into overtime. With the WorSharks finishing 13th of 15 teams in the American Hockey League’s Eastern Conference and missing the playoffs by ten points they would need a lot of those “if only” type games to make a difference. Well, they did had a lot of them.

This is a list of every game where the following happened to either team in a game the WorSharks were involved with:
A three goal lead at any point was lost
A two goal lead in the 3rd period was lost
A tying or game winning goal scored in the final three minutes of regulation
Also, the list includes games where if the WorSharks had scored just three goals they would have likely earned at least a point

The list doesn’t specifically include overtime/shootout losses unless something “out of the norm” took place that potentially caused a that bonus point to swing one way or the other, nor does it include games where Worcester may have potentially gained and lost points in the same contest. Also not listed were games like Worcester’s 5-1 loss to Manchester on March 25 where the WorSharks were playing their only game of the weekend while their opponent was playing their third game in 44 hours.

One thing to also remember is in games where Worcester potentially lost points their conference rivals also potentially gained points.

Points lost in standings
10/21/11 4-3 SO loss at Providence: Wor led 2-0 in 1st period, and 3-1 with 19:32 left in 3rd period. Gave up tying goal with 30 seconds left in regulation.
10/29/11 3-2 SO loss to Connecticut: Wor failed to score on an OT power play
11/05/11 3-1 loss to St. John’s: Wor allowed two power play goals and an empty net goal
11/12/11 2-1 loss to Manchester: Wor had one goal on 47 shots
11/13/11 3-2 loss to Providence: Wor two goals on 49 shots
11/16/11 3-2 OTL at Springfield: Mike Connolly missed penalty shot in overtime.
11/18/11 3-2 OTL at Manchester: Wor allowed two shorthanded goals in game
11/23/11 2-1 loss at Manchester: Wor allowed game winner with 88 seconds left in regulation
11/26/11 3-1 loss to Portland: Wor went 0-7 on the PP
12/04/11 2-1 SO loss at Manchester: Wor had one goal on 39 shots
12/18/11 3-1 loss at Manchester: Wor had one goal on 41 shots
01/20/12 3-2 loss at Providence
01/22/12 3-2 SO loss to St. John’s
02/03/12 3-2 loss at St. John’s
02/10/12 3-1 loss to Manchester
02/18/12 3-1 loss to Connecticut: Wor allowed three 3rd period goals
02/24/12 5-3 loss to Providence: Wor allowed four 3rd period goal to lose 3-1 lead.
02/28/12 2-1 SO loss to Connecticut: Wor scored one goal on 34 shots
03/06/12 3-2 loss to Bridgeport
03/10/12 2-0 loss to Providence: Wor no goals on 34 shots
03/27/12 5-4 loss at Bridgeport: Wor lost leads of 3-0 and 4-1
04/01/12 3-2 loss to Springfield
04/06/12 3-0 loss at Providence: Wor no goals on 34 shots
04/07/12 5-4 SO loss at Portland: Pirates used ineligible shooter in shootout, who then scored game winner
04/13/12 3-1 loss to St. John’s
04/14/12 3-2 loss at Adirondack: Wor two goals on 50 shots

Points gained in standings
11/25/11 4-3 OTL in Portland: Wor scored two 3rd period goals to get game into OT
12/11/11 5-3 win in St. Johns: Wor scored four 3rd period goal to erase 3-1 deficit
12/30/11 4-3 win vs Connecticut: Wor scored game winner at 17:04 of 3rd period
01/06/12 4-3 SO loss in Springfield: Wor scored game tying goal with 41 seconds left in regulation
01/22/12 3-2 SO loss vs St. John’s: Wor scored game tying goal with 87 seconds left in regulation
01/28/12 3-2 OTL in Manchester: Wor scored two 3rd period goal to erase 2-0 deficit
02/11/12 3-2 SO win at Hershey: Wor scores game tying goal 76 seconds left in regulation

There’s a lot more points potentially lost than gained by Worcester, and it’s amazing what scoring just three goals per game would have done for their playoff chances.

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