Jeremey Roenick discusses Playoffs, Evgeni Nabokov, Rob Blake, Patrick Marleau, Hjalmarsson and golf on CSNBA

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Former Sharks Jeremy Roenick chipping from the sand trap Tahoe Celebrity Golf American Century Celebrity tournament

Thursday’s edition of Chronicle Live, the hourlong sportstalk program on CSNBA, was one of the strongest lineups they have had all year. After a roundtable discussion of the sale of the Golden State Warriors to an investment group lead by Joseph Lacob and Peter Guber, proffering the question several times of how Oracle CEO Larry Ellison could have missed this opportunity to buy the team, substitute host Dave Benz also interviewed former 49er and Raider Jerry Rice, and former Shark Jeremy Roenick.

Rice discussed his pending induction into the football hall of fame and his participation in this weekend’s American Century Celebrity Golf Championship at Lake Tahoe. Jeremy Roenick covered a number of topics including the Flyers-Blackhawks Stanley Cup Final, the San Jose Sharks recent postseason effort, the retirement of Rob Blake, Evgeni Nabokov moving to the KHL, how Patrick Marleau was the best player in the postseason after the first round, and several other topics.

A partial transcript:

(You are one of the favorites to win the American Century golf tournament, something like 7-1, how do you like your odds?)

[JR] I think that is a little high. I think I should be more like a 4-1, I placed third last year and had a chance to win it. I think I got a little undercut. It was a long way from where I was finishing 4 or 5 years ago, I was 40-1 or 50-1 to win this thing.

(How interesting were these Stanley Cup Playoffs for you to watch, not only having the Sharks play the Blackhawks in the Western Conference Finals, but you had the Flyers and the Blackhawks in the Finals, you played for all three teams, that must have been an emotional wreck for you?)

[JR] I can’t even tell you the emotional roller coaster I went through. I wanted the San Jose Sharks to win most of all, because obviously I am closer with all of the guys on that team. Doug Wilson is probably the most inspirational, the greatest person I have met in hockey. What he gave me, and what the San Jose Sharks fans gave me for the last 2 years of my career was fantastic. My glory years in Chicago, where I made a name for myself, and Philadelphia fans who brought me in as one of their own. It was difficult in terms of an emotional attachment to all three. I would have liked to have seen San Jose win, Chicago won, I think I win no matter what.

(What do you think about the moves Doug Wilson has made this offseason, the biggest of course parting ways with Evgeni Nabokov?)

[JR] When you don’t win a championship, and it has been year after year, and you have a goaltender that has been there year after year, and somehow he just does not get over the hump, regardless of whether you want to blame the goaltender or not, it is always the goaltender that wins championships. That is the most important person when it comes to the playoffs. After you have gone so many years, and just come that much short of getting to the dance, usually first it is the coach, then it is the GM, then it is the goaltender. It didn’t surprise me that it happened. I love Nabby, he is a very good friend of mine. I think he is going to do great over in Russia. It was time for a change, and I think Doug Wilson understood that. That is why Doug is one of the best GM’s in the league, because he understands where the changes need to be made, and what guys need to be signed.

Now they signed Patrick Marleau. I really think Patrick Marleau was the best player in the playoffs after the first round. He really came through, maybe because I ripped him a little bit. He was non-existant in the first round. He was definitley the best player on the Sharks from then on. Joe Pavelski, who I think is going to be the captain, they signed him up. They have the tools and the keys to get this thing done.

The goaltender they brought in, Niittymaki, I played with him. I think he is very, very talented, and he can do the job. With a team like the San Jose Sharks in front of him, I really think he is going to climb to another level than what he was in Tampa and in Philly. I like the moves that Doug is making. I think he is improving the team, even more than what it was last year. I look for them to be another powerhouse favorite next year.

(Did you have any discussions with Rob Blake before his decision to retire?)

[JR] No I didn’t. He had a fantastic career. Rob Blake, I respect him so much, he was one of my favorite players that I have played with. I just admired him for his career, and what he has done. I was really proud to have played with him, and to have known him as my friend. It is nice to know that Doug Wilson knew he had to replace a guy like that, and he went and made an offer sheet to Hjalmarsson from Chicago, who I think was one of the better players on Chicago for the whole entire playoffs…

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[Update] A link to video of the Chronicle Live video interview with Jeremy Roenick is available on

[Update2] Jeremy Roenick, Jack Wagner lead in Tahoe – ESPN.

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