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San Jose State University 12 Palmer College of Chiropractic West 5

By A. Sheldon

SJSU continues their winning streak with a 12-5 victory over an undermanned Palmer College hockey club. Joe Best was in net for the Spartans, while Kevin Bruinsma manned the crease for the Pride. San Jose State jumped out to an early start with Mason Nave getting his first goal in nearly a year at 4:20 of the opening stanza. The Spartans would net 4 more before the break - the lone first period goal for Palmer came courtesy of #5 (Chris Wood) when he sped up the near side boards, cut in through the crease and lifted a shot that beat Best midlevel stickside with 3:10 remaining in the first frame.

In the second period, the Spartans would score 3 more before Palmer finally answered with their second tally of the night, which came on the power play with SJSU's #55 Jon Barney in the box for 2 minutes, with roughly 8:30 remaining on the clock. With 3:23 left to play in the middle stanza, San Jose State would strike again on a 5-3 man advantage when D-man Nate Panek ripped a shot from the far side point to lift the Spartans to a 9-2 lead. Spartan foward Mason Nave knocked the SJ score into the double digits when his slapshot from the nearside face-off circle found the back of the net. Palmer's top line wasn't about to go quietly into the third as #17 scored the Pride's third goal with just 11.4 seconds on the clock.

Both teams proved to be evenly matched in the final frame as both the Pride and the Spartans registered 2 goals each.

SJSU and Palmer College will face off again on Saturday, November 6th at Logitech Ice Center.

SJSU Coach Ron Glasow:

[AS] What do you think about your team’s performance tonight against Palmer College? And how the Pride, despite going through a transition period, still posted more goals against SJSU than any other team to date?

[RG] We just played very poorly - played down to their level. They get into bad habits with a game like this. It’s a tough game to play. Especially for the goalie when you don’t get a lot of shots and then you do. Our defense …everyone just seemed a little lackadaisical tonight.

[AS] Do you think it may have been partly due to knowing Palmer had a short bench and could only ice 2 or 3 lines?

[RG] I’m just hoping it does not happen tomorrow night. Because Weber (State), I don’t think is too strong. We’re just getting a little too over confident and it’s really showing. The tougher the teams, the better it is to play. Our guys were not prepared tonight.

[AS] Any changes to be expected for tomorrow night’s game?

[RG] Hopefully the intensity, preparation to be a little more focused. I think we came to the rink tonight without thinking about the game. Just coming to the rink, putting the gear on, going out and then reacting to the game. Not preparing properly and being a little nervous, not ready. It was more like an adult league game than a college game.

[AS] There were a lot of stellar plays and the Spartans still posted 12 goals.

[RG] There were a lot of good individual plays, but as a team – we didn’t play well, defensively and just a lot of things were lacking. But, you really can’t complain because it’s a win.

SJSU Mason Nave

SJSU Forward #11 Mason Nave:

[AS] How long has it been since the last time you netted a goal?

[MN] Since last year. The last game in December.

[AS] How many tallies did you have tonight? And please explain.

[MN] Two. (The first goal), Ray (Kellam) went into the corner and Ray got the puck down the side and he threw it out to the middle and I just one-timed it in. It was all Ray. It was Ray all alone in the corner and I was all alone in the middle and I just kinda tapped it in.

(The second goal) was a slap shot down in the corner on the power play. I took the slap shot through the goalie’s legs. Like, 10 feet in from the point. I also had 3 assists for 5 points.

[AS] Having been one of SJSU’s biggest offensive threats, your back in the groove now, right?

[MN] Yep.

[AS] How many goals are you going to score against Weber State tomorrow night?

[MN] At least 3. I hate the team we’re playing tomorrow. We’ve been playing them for the last 3-4 years and they’re good and they’re a bunch of cocky little guys and we like to beat the crap out of them.

SJSU Jon Barney

SJSU forward #55 Jon Barney:

[AS] Tell me about your first goal (the second tally of the game)?

[JB] They were caught in a line change and Lonny (Lovins) was way up on the red line and I passed it to him and Nate (Panek) came up to pressure and so he just stopped, shot the puck at me while I was at full speed. I came on the outside (cut in) and had about 4 inches to shoot and I shot straight up – it hit the post and went in.

[AS] Tell me about that maneuver late in the game, where you beat 2 Pride defenseman with a slight tap of the puck to walk around them.

[JB] If I have two defenseman in front of me I try to line up on one guy and tip it over him and just step right around the outside guy. The other guy will usually try and come hit me and he’ll miss because I’ll be around the outside. I just go in all by myself - set, shoot, score. (My) shot’s not very hard because of the broken hand, but I’m happy - 4 assists and 1 goal.

Palmer Goaltender #1 Goalie Kevin Bruinsma:

[AS] San Jose State offense peppered you with shots throughout the night, forcing you to make plenty of great saves. All in all it was still a good performance despite the end result.

How long have you been playing in net?

[KB] I’m new on the team and I haven’t played for many years actually. I haven’t played for 9 years. I needed to get back in shape - 12 goals are never good for a goalie, regardless of everything.

[AS] Where are you from originally?

[KB] I’m from Montreal, Canada. I played Junior Triple-A. I forgot the name (of the team). It was 9 years ago - not important. I moved here 3 years ago and have been at Palmer for 1 year. Last year they had another goalie and this year they didn’t have anyone, so I decided to get back in to shape and help these guys.

[AS] What would you say you need to do to improve?

[KB] Well, last game I had 10 goals. This game 12, so my objective is to stay below 10 next game. You’ve got to be gradual in your improvement so that’s my next objective.

[AS] Do you feel the loss was due to your performance and/or the lack of players (13 total)?

[KB] Well, you’ve got to look this - we’ve got a short bench. We could use 2 or 3 more good guys. But, I think these guys are very gutsy. Our strategy this week was to make the other team overconfident for next week, so watch out for next week. We’re gonna come back strong.

Palmer D-man #14 Brent Brown:

[AS] You’re from Alberta, Canada, right?

[BB] Yeah.

[AS] Did you tally a point tonight? Who did?

[BB] I don’t think so. I was playing defense so I have no idea. Number 5 (Chris Wood) got about 4 points. And “Done” #17 (David Smaldone) had a few goals.

[AS] I see you’re limping slightly. Was it a (Jon) Barney check?

[BB] No, that was later, after. A guy ducked on me. The little guy.

[AS] What do you think the injury could be?

[BB] I don’t know. I’ll get it checked out tomorrow at school.